Jean-Yves Bordier is a master artisan butter-maker and cheese-ripener. He is both the son and grandson of a cheesemongers. He naturally grew up amongst the wheels of comté and farm fresh cream. His father raised him and showed him the ropes of his future profession at each Parisian farmers’ market where they worked.


In 1985, when he began to specialise in the transformation of the butter. By rediscovering the art of malaxing, traditional methods of the 19th century, which he would continue to use and improve, whilst always maintaining the fundamental techniques used by ancient butter-makers. It is also at this stage that he sets up methods of slapping and shaping the butter.


With 35 years’ experience refining and aging cheeses, Jean-Yves Bordier’s selection is the fruit of years bearing witness to a “friendliness to cheese” and of sniffing out hand-crafted productions. He ages cheeses in 7 natural reconstituted cellars to obtain rinds at the height of their taste and texture. His daily goal is to work with the best milk bases, respecting time-tested methods, and adapting these traditions to the requirements of today’s world.

Jean-Yves Bordier

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